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Doing Something, Going Somewhere
Doing Something, Going Somewhere is an alternative learning program targeting the most marginalised youth, based at Plaza Youth Centre in Whyalla. It is re-engaging up to 10 chronically disengaged students aged 12–17: ‘Doing something’ is the re-engagement, whilst ‘Going somewhere’ is exploring options of transitioning to mainstream education, TAFE or employment.
Flexible Funding Model (FFM)
The FFM is an innovative resourcing model which requires agencies to work collaboratively to support disengaged young people with complex and diverse needs without being vulnerable to pilot funding and inflexible agency policy. The FFM targets young people aged 12–19 who have disengaged from education due to a range of complex issues and who are eligible to be enrolled under the ICAN Flexible Learning Option (FLO).
Flipside is jointly delivered by John Pirie Secondary School, BoysTown and other agencies within the Port Pirie Youth Sector Network to meet the needs of young people who are either chronically disengaged or at risk of not successfully completing school. The initiative is one of early intervention and a planned multi-strategy approach.
Futures Unlimited
The aim of Futures Unlimited was to provide information and experiences to youth at risk of leaving school early which challenged their cognitive processing, increased their social skills, and widened their approaches to education, training, employment and community interaction.
Gawler 15
Gawler 15 offers young people who were disengaged or not attending school the opportunity to gain Certificate I in Kitchen Operations, whilst simultaneously gaining five SACE units.
Keeping them connected
Schools in Port Pirie are clustering together to provide additional support for young people when transitioning to secondary school.
Learning Village
currentThe innovative trial model, the Learning Village, accesses ICAN Flexible Learning Options (FLO) funding, targeting 12–19 year olds who are chronically disengaged, as well as those who are demonstrating risky attendance patterns. It addresses issues raised by young people in community forums in Port Augusta and Port Pirie, and is modelled on the ‘virtual school’ concept whilst addressing local concerns and issues.
Northern FLO
Northern FLO caters for 12–16 year olds whose attendance patterns have demonstrably declined over the last year, indicating they are at risk of disengagement. This ICAN trial model has been developed in the Northern Metropolitan ICAN area with a cluster of secondary schools and uses ICAN Flexible Learning Options (FLO) funding, together with an additional funding commitment from Playford City Council. Twenty young people, four from each of five schools, will be individually case managed to retain them in mainstream education.
The RISE program is run by Mission Australia in Elizabeth to re-engage chronically disengaged 12 – 15 year olds, who are case managed by Services to Youth (SYC).
During 2006 the Southern Collective Alternative Education Program (SCAEP) focused on ten chronically disengaged 13?16 year olds in an off-campus learning environment at Mission Australia’s Reynella Enterprise and Youth Centre. The program was developed by schools in the Southern Alliance for Innovation and Learning (SAIL) and is coordinated by Wirreanda High School. The 2007 program has become sustainable through Flexible Learning Options (FLO) enrolments.
Step into Learning
Since 2005, Step into Learning has assisted in re-engaging over 200 young people, many of whom had been chronically disengaged, suspended or expelled. Because of strong partnerships between Services to Youth Council, DECD and a number of youth agencies, joined-up services can be offered to those participants who may have a range of barriers to success.
Tjinatjunanyi re-engages Aboriginal youth who had dropped out of schooling in Port Augusta.
Western Inspirations
Western Inspirations has been re-engaging the chronically disengaged for nearly two years. The program is delivered off-campus at the ‘cottage’ on the Croydon TAFE campus. It was developed by Services to Youth Council and Western Futures, and offers a diverse individualised curriculum to 14–15 year olds from five local high schools. The program is funded partially by ICAN which supplements the off-campus enrolment.
Young mums on the move
This FLO program is for pregnant girls or young mothers. The program focuses on keeping learning links and continuation of schooling through the Family Learning faculty at Para West Adult Campus.

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